Read company reviews before job application

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Finding company reviews for a job

Most companies are not transparent during the recruitment process. The company will never divulge how they treat their employees, the benefits they don't provide, the essence of equal opportunities for women and minorities, or how stressful the actual job is.

Reading reviews about a company before you apply for a job helps you gain knowledge about the company's culture, management attitude, leadership style, and stance on benefits to works and equality.

What you learn from company reviews

  1. Company culture
  2. Company policy 
  3. Salaries and other compensations
  4. Company benefits 
  5. Management style 

Therefore if you are looking for a job and wondering whats it's like to work for that company, then read the workplace reviews by current and former employees. 

Websites that offer company best company reviews

  • GlassDoor-GlassDoor is the leader in providing company reviews in the United States. The jobsite has more than 8 million reports of US companies submitted by former and current employees. These employees offer anonymous reviews on various subjects such as benefits, company culture, salaries, and the pros and cons of working for a company. Both former and current employees can leave anonymous reviews for the company. The site even has reviews on the interview experience of job seekers who attended interviews hosted by various companies. You might also find interview questions and pictures of the workplace. Glassdoor gives a detailed insight into companies from people who know it, best-its employees,

  • Great Place To Work-Great Place To Work is another excellent website to find employer reviews. The jobsite offers the most detailed employee review on the planet. These employee ratings are conducted via a survey of all current workers of the company. The reviews are displayed in graphs and other information display formats, making them easy to interpret visually.

  • Indeed-Indeed has more than 70 million company ratings in more than 60 countries. These ratings are rated by current and past workers. Like Glassdoor, Indeed has reviews on salary rates, work happiness, company benefits, and the company's pros and cons. The website even has a question and answer section where prospective employees can ask current workers questions.

  •  Comparably is an upcoming company review website in the USA. If you get multiple offers for a job, this is the site to visit. Comparably allows you to make a side-by-side comparison of several companies using several factors. The company provides an overall company culture rating and offers other ratings on company leadership, diversity, and competition. You can also compare a company against other companies of similar size or industry. The site provides impressive graphs and visual aids.

  • CareerBliss-Careebliss is a new jobsite helping that helps job seekers searching for jobs and read reviews. Besides searching for jobs, you can evaluate prospective employers by salaries, experience, and geographic area. The site has excellent reviews on company culture, company rewards, growth opportunities, work settings, and various other factors.

  • Vault-Vault has employer reviews, ratings, and rankings on 5,000 companies in hundreds of industries. Reviews are not based on employee submissions. Instead, Vault conducts in-house research on companies to provide in-depth information on the entire company and its various departments. This site does have some free content on overview and some rankings, but you will need to subscribe for a fee to get the best out of the site.

  • TheJobCrowd-The Job Crowd-The JobCrowd is a UK-based employee review site that caters to recent graduates. Current employees rate their employers on a 5-star scale. The employee rating includes the job title of the reviewer and answers to the questions “What are the best and worst things about your company?” and “What do you do on a day-to-day basis?” 

  • Kununu is not just another employer review website. Besides offering job search and job posting services, it also grades employers on so many criteria. The website measures are work environment, career development, internal communication, what employers disliked or liked, gender equality, and many more. The website goes a step further to include metrics you might not consider, like workplace safety, parking accessibility, environmental friendliness, desirable office location, and how challenging the work is.
  • JobAdvisor JobAdvisor is an Australian-based job website site that also has employee reviews about Australian companies. Current and past employees rate their employers on a scale of 1-5. They can list the pros and cons of working for the company and rate things such as “Vision & Strategy” and “Work Environment."

  • Ratemyemployer-Ratemyemployer is an employer rating website based in Canada and focused on Canadian companies and employees. Employees may leave detailed 5-star ratings on several metrics ranging from management skills, teamwork, work-life balance, and workplace layout.

  • InHerSight This website is best for women looking for employers who provide gender-diverse workplaces. It helps women find female-friendly companies to work for. The site measures the company rating that is important to women. These measures include flexible work hours, maternity leave, management opportunities for women, and more. Women employees anonymously rate their employers or employers based on these metrics. While on the site, you have the chance to get matched with companies that align with your interests and cultural interests.
  • Yelp. We typically think of Yelp as a restaurant and general business review site. However, employees are increasingly visiting the site, and reviews about companies they work for are typically considered a restaurant or consumer business review site. Still, employees are frequently leaving reviews about their workplaces on the site. These workplace reviews work in standard Yelp fashion and include a 5-star rating and comments.