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  • 17 Oct, 2019
Contract Healthcare

Job Description

High Paying Travel Nursing Job

Description: Apply now all high pay travel nurse job seekers because a travel nursing recruiter, on behalf of a top facility/medical center, currently has your ideal role to perform specialty duties that result in the highest quality patient care, safety, and satisfaction. Nurses who act promptly by submitting their resume, credentials, skills profile, exams and evaluations are most competitive.

Perks & Benefits:
· Gain new nursing experience
· Earn extraordinary money
· Experience great tax benefits
· Customize, design, & control (to some extent) all aspects of the job
· Quality of life
· Pay is done reliably and fairly
· Select preferred geographic location(s)
· Select facility/medical center(s)
· Fellow travel nurses become friends for life
· Top travel nursing jobs’ continuity before the end of the contract
· Travel nursing resources are provided

Candidate privacy is respected in that information gathered through the organized, professional, transparent & easy application process will only be shared within the company carefully on a “need to know basis” and never be made available to 3rd parties. There is no cost to the candidate to apply, interview and begin work.

Industry: Healthcare

Employment Type: Contract

Work Hours: ALL Shift Lengths and Shift Times are open.

Shift Length: 8-Hour, 10-Hour, 12-Hour | Shift Times: Day, Night, Swing/Mid

Contract duration: up to 13 weeks and/or more.

Date Posted: 2019-09-26, Valid Through: 2019-12-31

Region: Nationwide at select preferred geographic location(s)

Base Salary: may be upwards of $7,000 to $10,000 a month.

Responsibilities: Deliver the highest quality patient care, safety, and satisfaction.

Skills: Perform your Specialty skills.

Qualifications: This travel nursing job source is brought to you by Anthony Colón RN without discrimination to qualified candidates regardless of age, race, gender, and sexual orientation.

Education Requirements: RN or NP or LPN

Experience Requirements:
· State licensing requirements
· Immunizations
· Physical examination records
· Drug screening
· Resume & references
· Specialty Skills Checklist
· 1-year recent experience (within the last 12-18 months).

Experience Level

Mid level

Salary Estimate

$100,001-$130,000 per year
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